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From Egypt with Love

From Egypt with love


From Egypt with Love

From Egypt with love.
A special multi-lingual video crafted to welcome the world back to the new Egypt.

Sweden eases Egypt travel recommendations

Sweden, who on January 30 advised its citizens against all non-necessary travel to Egypt, said Monday it was safe to visit Red Sea resorts.

But Swedish tour operators Apollo and Ving said Tuesday that despite the foreign ministry’s new travel recommendations, all of their winter trips to Egypt would remained cancelled.

Also the Danish foreign ministry on Tuesday eased its recommendations for travel to Egypt, telling its citizens it was safe to visit the tourist resorts along the Red Sea.

The ministry however maintained its advice to avoid all non-essential travel to the rest Egypt, it said on its website.

Danish tour operators Atlantis Rejser and Apollo, which in late January cancelled all their trips to Egypt in coming months, said Tuesday they had decided to start sending tourists to Egypt in March and April respectively.

Competitor Star Tour, which sends between 15,000 and 16,000 Danes to Egypt annually, said it did not plan to reverse its decision to cancel all trips to Egypt until the beginning of May, deeming the situation in the country had not yet returned to normal.

Tourists fled Egypt amid recommendations to avoid the country last month during mass civilian protests which succeeded in driving out President Hosni Mubarak last Friday.

Source: AFP/The Swedish Wire

Barcelona greets Egypt’s Revolution Martyrs and received 14 Arab ambassadors

Stop my players to Barcelona and Sporting Gijon minute of silence before the start of their match on Saturday evening tribute to the martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution that broke out on Jan. 25 and ended with the resignation of President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak from office.

And everyone in the Stadium Municipal El Molennon stand a minute of silence in honor of the lives of about 300 killed between citizens and security men were killed during the protests, which lasted 18 days and were stationed in Egypt’s main squares, especially the editorial heart of Cairo.

The meeting ended with a draw the two teams lined up for Aboheme Mtusbandin around the circle in the middle of the field sucked majestic.

This was not the only communication on the part of Barcelona with the Arab world, as the Catalan club announced on Saturday through his reception President Sandro Rosell, the ambassadors of 14 Arab countries to Spain to discuss ways to build bridges of relations with different countries.

And AGP for the meeting, the Egyptian ambassador in Spain, without giving any reason for his absence the club, though the great political change through which the country may be the closest interpretation of reality.

The meeting was attended by the ambassadors of Jordan, Kuwait, Algeria, Oman, Tunisia, UAE, Qatar, Syria, Iraq, Mauritania, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia in addition to the Ambassador of the Arab League.



FREEDOM…Can you hear it?

When people find themselves caught in a place where their dreams, hopes and ideas have nowhere to breathe or fly, something happens. Something that is so natural and powerful, like the water we seek when thirsty, or the food we need when hungry takes over. This energy to change, to move in a different direction produces a voice—a voice loud and strong enough to vibrate and shake the wall that attempts to oppress the will of the masses and the fight for the future. From that first small voice that dared to speak, to resist, to protest – a small, but important insult has now grown into a voice of millions that cannot and will not be silenced.

I have visited Egypt and as I traveled through along the streets of Cairo, the back streets of Alexandria and the villages along the Nile, it was easy to see that a small, quiet vibration was growing, building, reaching to a pitch that is now heard by the ears of the world. There have been many who have attempted to deny the force of change as if trying to prevent a flower from its blossom or a mother from giving birth. In every case this deeply rooted will to express what cannot be denied, rises up and forces all of us to recognize and respect this voice that produced the sound of freedom playing long and strong throughout Egypt.

Now as the light of the sun and the sand gust winds from the Sahara blow without permission and cover the streets and pyramids, let’s remember that this undeniable spirit to speak—even to shout from the heart, should never be denied and never, ever be ignored.

Now when I look at my son, I realize more than ever that his name represents more than the will to be free—it stands for the fight for change, and the courage to shout!

We can hear the voice… and it is ours.



I Am Egypt , WE Are Egypt

” I Am Egypt ” video.. in support to all egyptians who had lost their lives in the unfolding events of the 25th of January 2011 Revolution.

Music – Glasstop by Jon Hopkins
(Acoustics by Leo Abrahams)
From the album Contact Note, donated by Just Music and Just Publishing

British Activist John Rees in solidarity with Egyptian Revolution

British Activist John Rees is proud of what Egyptians have done