Think Egypt

Revolution Rescreened

BMI Voyager                                                                                                                                                        Words by Andrew Humphreys

For anyone flying into Cairo who has done the Pyramids and exhausted the museums, there’s a novel new alternative to experiencing the history of the Egyptian capital.

After getting married two years ago, Egyptian journalist Hend El-Hallage accompanied her new husband out to South Korea. To keep herself busy she signed up to write online travel guides for US Company Crimson Bamboo. This Spring, when anti-Mubarak revolutionaries took over Tahrir Square in her hometown on Cairo, she found hereself sitting 5,000 miles away watching events unfold.

Inspired by what she was seeing, El-hallage put aside the guide on which she was working and instead began linking images and sound files from Tahrir Square to Google Maps. The result is an iPhone app that allows visitors to tour sites connected to the revolution from the camps of protestors’ tents to volunteers repainting the street curbs during the post-revolution clean-up.

“After Mubarak stepped down,” says El-Hallage, “I read many reports on how the revolution had damaged tourism in Egypt. With this app I wanted the revolution to give tourism a boost.”


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