Think Egypt

Respect for every Egyptian out there


I lost my cousin in this revolution, but I gained a country. He didn’t die in vain and the world knows that the 400 or more that lost their lives and the millions that stood in solidarity in these two weeks stood in the for something greater than themselves so that generations to come, their children and their children’s children could hold their head high and say “I am Egyptian” and the world forever knew them as heroes. “tshaaban88

أنا فخور إني مصري و فخوري بأني شاركت في الخطوة دي من تاريخ مصر ”webmoh

“great video for a great nation…respect for every Egyptian out there, the whole world respects you…I love you, we love you, and I’m sure the whole world loves you too….TA7YA MA9R” one last thing, everything about this video is marvelous, the editing, the directing and the music…especially the music in this video is sick, and I was wondering from where i can get it?!  “The7Rbi


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