Think Egypt

The hotel manager: Mouhammead Raouuf

Life in Egypt has been dark for Mouhammead Raouuf.

“You can’t predict the future,” he says. “There’s no money or jobs.”

Raouuf works in tourism in Giza, home to the pyramids. He is the general manager of operations at a hotel. But ever since tourists left the country en masse after the demonstrations began, money flowing into the grand attraction has dried up.

The 24-year-old wears a bandana that reads, “Go away Mubarak.” Perched on a ledge with a group of young men texting and talking on cellphones, he says he has come to fight for his freedoms.

Raouuf believed the country had no future, until now.

“There is corruption from the ground to the top,” he says, pointing his hand to the ground, then up to his forehead. “I want to be able to say my opinion freely. To make good money and not be scared for my security.”

So he is joining the Egyptian people in fighting for these rights.

“We all have the feeling that we have to do something to solve these problems. Once Mubarak is out, we can put a decent person in his place.”


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